Beauty Essentials; More Is Less, The No Makeup Makeup Look















Sometimes it’s got to be all about natural beauty. Letting your true radiance shine. Sometimes it’s about having no time. Either way you will look polished with out being to done up.

My list of must haves, Every busy lady needs.


1. A quick and easy way to cleanse your face in the morning. I use and absolutely love Vichy Purete Thermal. This is a 3in1 cleanser, makeup remover and toner all in one. I like to use this in the morning as my cleanser. Leaves your skin feeling wonderful and clean. Great for all skin types.


2. Moisturizer is important. Find one that is ideal for your skin.


3. A BB cream or a CC cream. I use stila’s CC cream. I love this colour corrector! It corrects any redness in my skin and it doesn’t sit in any fine lines. My skin looks 10 years younger after applying it. I have also used the Stila BB cream and it has the same youthful effect, without the colour correcting factors. Both of these creams have a light to medium coverage.


4. Conceal. Everyone  needs a good concealer. The Benefit concealer Fake Up is a beautiful product. It has a built in moisturizer around the outside and on the inside is your concealer. It leaves your eye area looking brighter and doesn’t crease or sit in fine lines. This concealer offers a light to medium coverage. This concealer is perfect for tired eyes, or for anyone with some fine lines starting.


5. Powder for additional coverage and shine. Pure minerals is a compact powder. Apply this powder to add additional coverage to certain areas of your face if needed, or just a dusting applied with a brush to reduce shine and to set your BB cream. I love using this mineral powder on a day to day.


5. Mascara is more important then liner or eye shadow. So if you pick one of the 3, mascara is your best friend! It will open up your eyes and add some definition, just what we all need.


6. Fill in brows if needed. Powders are more favourable because they look more natural. You can find an angled brush to apply. A set of defined brows will help frame the face.


7. Last but not least, a good lip gloss or chap stick is needed to keep your lips moist.

There you have it, a quick hassle free beauty routine that any busy woman can fit into her routine.

If you have any questions on how to, just send me a note.


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