A List Hair Colour Trends For 2016

A list hair trends



Top hair colour trends for 2015. There is something for everyone, so blondes, brunette’s and everyone in between. Here are the latest A list hair must have’s and do’s!

Soft Ombre Hair Trend



The low down on the Obre trend. Ombre has a softer look to it. Instead of hard roots, you will have to maintain this softer look. Much easier on the eye. Have your stylist add some low lights and highlights to your root area. its all about blending, to create a softer look, then the traditional Obre.





Rich Chocolate

In the cooler months, opt for a yummy rich chocolate colour with a few sutble highlights. Keep your roots done and aim to keep your ends moisturized. Apply a treatment to your mid shaft and ends.

Red hair colour 2016 trends
















Muted Copper

Beautiful natural red brown base with some copper and gold highlights towards the ends of the hair. Add wonderful dimension. Perfect for Ava Mendes’ Complection.


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